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Car Unlock Service

Car Unlock Service

Car Unlock Service – Save Time & Avoid Car Lockout Situation

Car Unlock Service – Locksmith Monkey: Car lockout situation can be one of the most difficult situations that nobody would like to be in. You can be in this sort of situation if you have either locked keys in a car, or lost them somewhere. Whatever the reason be, you need to find a solution that can help you come out of this misery. In such a situation, people try different things such as using other keys, using power and breaking the glass in extreme cases. All these solutions can damage the car and you may have to spend some more money to bring your car in a good shape.

Why Choose Locksmith Monkey Car Unlock Service

Car unlock service is the best solution that you need in order to come out of the car lockout situation. No matter if you have locked keys in a car or the keys have broken inside the lock, you need to call a car locksmith who could retrieve keys from the locked car for you. Car unlock service comes with tons of benefits some of which are:

  • Quick Service – Car unlock service offered by Locksmith Monkey is very quick and within a blink of an eye, you will have the keys to your cars with you. Car locksmiths are professional individuals and they perform the job within minutes without wasting any time.
  • Convenient – Car unlock service is very convenient. You don’t have to go anywhere but the locksmiths will arrive at the place where you are stuck.
  • CostEffective – If you opt for car unlock service, you will make a wise decision. This service is cost-effective as compared to other solutions discussed above. Even if you plan to break the windshield of the car, you will have to replace it with a new one that doesn’t come cheap. While car unlock service is very affordable.
  • Around the Clock Service – Locksmith Monkey offer 24 hour car locksmith You can call Locksmith Monkey anytime anywhere without worrying about the time.

Services WE Offer

Locksmith Monkey – Car locksmiths, besides offering car unlock service, offer a plethora of other services as well. Some of the other services offered by them include:

  • Car Rekeying – No matter if the keys to your car are broken or lost, they can make new keys for you.
  • Car Door Repair – In some cases, the door of the car may need some repair work in cases when it is hit by some other vehicle. A 24 hour car locksmith will perform all the repair job needed for the project.
  • Emergency Services – There can be some cases in which you may have locked your child or a pet inside a car with no spare key with you. In such cases, a car locksmith can be your best partner in saving the lives of your loved ones.
  • Ignition Key Replacement – Even if the ignition key has been lost or damaged, a car locksmith can help you and replace with a newer one.
  • Key Extraction – It is very common to break the key inside the lock. In such a scenario, the broken key cannot be extracted with common tools and you need the help of a professional having a variety of tools that can retrieve keys from the lock of the car without causing any further damage. Such professional is none other than a car locksmith.

Things to Look Out For in a Car Locksmith

There are different locksmiths working in different parts of the world and in your area, there might be a big number of professional locksmiths working and offering their services 24 hours a day. Before choosing a locksmith, you need to ascertain a few things. Here are some things that you need to look out for in a car locksmith:


A car locksmith should be a credible individual that you can trust with your car. You should be sure that the car locksmith will not open the car in your absence and without your permission.

Licensed Company

Amongst the various locksmith companies, you should choose one that is licensed. Licensed companies have established goodwill and they can be trusted for the security of your home.

Experience & Track Record

There’s no shortcut to experience and the car locksmith you are choosing should have relevant experience. If you choose an inexperienced locksmith, there are chances that he may cause further damage to the locks of your car and you would have to get them replaced.

24 Hour Service

One of the most important things to look out for is whether or not the locksmith offer the services 24 hours a day. This will help you keep the details for later uses as well. You will be able to contact them in future if such situation arises again.

Affordable Services

Before choosing and making a contract with a locksmith, it is always highly advisable to discuss the charges. In you discuss the charges beforehand, you can save yourself a lot of money. Some of the locksmiths demand high prices which of course they don’t deserve. This is the reason why you should make the deal before assigning them the job.

Amongst the different locksmith companies currently operating, if you are looking for one of the leading ones with high ranks of credibility, you should contact us now. We are a team of professional and highly experienced locksmiths. Providing best customer services with professionalism is one of our core values and we make sure that our clients don’t have to face the car lockout situation for a long time. Whether you have locked keys in the car or want to retrieve keys from a locked car or you are looking for emergency lockout services, contact us now at any time and our team will reach right at the spot. We are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, no matter if its holiday or extreme weather conditions, just give us a call and we will help you with the lockout situation.


car unlock service

Car Unlock Service

Very smooth transaction.  Would recommend to a friend.  Ilan was very polite and my car was opened quickly.

The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is because of lack of communication between the phone staff and Ilan, the technician.  I had to wait longer than told, and even though I said I was parked in a specific hotel (and gave them the name of hotel and exact address) the technician didn’t know where I was.

A very nice interaction in an otherwise unpleasant time of locking myself out of my car.

Michelle J. On Yelp February 8, 2017

I was locked out, with melting groceries on my porch. He arrived quickly and got me in my house, before my groceries spoiled. I hope I do not need to use the service again, but this will be the place I call if I do. *EDIT I did end up needing them again and they were even faster the second time.

Ann F. On Google My Business House Door Unlock August 16, 2017

I called Locksmith Monkey after work this evening around 7 PM to inquire about having locks changed on two doors of my home, not thinking they would be able to come out the same night to complete the work, since it wasn’t an emergency. They told me on the phone locks would start at $25 per lock and go up from there depending on the type of lock, (which they’d have to see in person to quote me), so I expected the price to be around $100 or more since I had 4 different lock pieces to change. They said they could have someone at my house within an hour or so, and only a few minutes later I received a call from the technician that he was on the way.

They were super friendly, very helpful and informative. The tech even took the time to explain the different locks to me and how they each work, and demonstrated that they only used brand new equipment and cut brand new keys each time, unlike some other companies who reuse people’s old ones inner locks and keys. I feel safer and am so happy I called on a whim just to inquire and they fixed me right up in under an hour.

Pleasantly surprised with this unexpected quick service call, and the final price was just about what I had expected and hoped it would be along with the service call fee. They will totally work with you to find the best possible solutions for your needs within your price range and budget, and offer ideas/suggestions to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Super trustworthy, good people and very hardworking, that’s obvious, and down to earth folks to speak with. Would highly recommend! Thank you guys!! 🙂

Abigail E. On Google+ Locks Rekeyed May 18, 2017

This was literally the most enjoyable experience I have ever had dealing with any company. The kindest lock technician came out to save me with in only 15 minutes, as I was stuck at church with my keys in the car and late to work. Thank you very much Locksmith Monkey, you are truly life savers, Mike is sexy too!

Alembe S On Google+ Locksmith December 10, 2016

Emergency Car Door Unlock Potland
Mike was super speedy, helpful, cheerful and pleasant! I was dreading having locked my key in my older Lexus but he came to the rescue!!!
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Louisa T. On Yelp Locksmith Portland January 22, 2017