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Locksmith Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Auto Locksmith F.A.Q

My 2005 Ford Focus key won’t turn or acting up in the Ignition, what should I do?

Ford Focus Ignition problem 2000-06 – Click here

I lost the Key to my 2001 Lexus IS300, Is it require a re-flasher to program my keys?

Lexus/ Toyota Honda/Acura E.C.U Reflash – Click here

Ignition key on our Honda Accord 2008 is getting herder to turn, can we lubricate it?

Honda Locks and Ignition Problem – Click here

Can you make me a New key for my Motorcycle? I misplace the only one I had.

Motorcycle Locksmith – Click Here

I lost the smart key for 2008 Prius, and I don’t like to tow it to the dealer.

Toyota Prius Remote Key Fob – Click Here

Lost my fob to my 2002 Volkswagen Jetta and its high security key, can you help?

Volkswagen Audi Keys n Locks – Click Here

Residential and Commercial Locksmith F.A.Q

My key chain got stolen, do I have to replace all my locks hardware?

Rekey Your Lock Instead of Replacing – Click Here

Our house build in 1893 and still have the same lock, how do I service it?

Mortise Lock Service and Repair – Click Here

I have an Eviction schdualed with the Sheriff and I requierd to show up with a locksmith, do you provide that kind of service?

For Sheriff Eviction – Locksmith Services – Click Here

I have a Business in Downtown Portland, and every-time customer open the front door, It’s remain open. What can I do to Fix that?

Your Commercial Property Needs A Door Closer – Click Here

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