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Access Control Devices for your home or office

Access Control Devices for your home or office

It is very important to protect your home or office to reduce the risk of loss. With the right security access control, it is possible to create the utmost convenience for your family or employees. 

Access control is nothing but controlling the access of different people enter or exit from your commercial or residential property. 

Our access control devices are keyless door lock systems that are just perfect for your home or office as it gives access to only permitted places with a handy way to access by just swiping the card. We at locksmith monkey in Portland offer a vast range of access control device options to choose from! We specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of the different access control devices right at your door-step.

Why you should install access control devices?

  1. To safeguard the security of your property: 

Most of the home or businesses have valuable physical assets be it furniture, appliances, important documents, data and more. Having an access control system helps to track the activity of people. It prevents strangers from entering your building without permission.

  1. Helps to Keep Track of Employees

Access Control System is just perfect for businesses with large groups of employees. Through this system, you can track down the login and log out activities of your employees in an organized way. 

  1. Key-less entry

Sometimes your employees quit and might fail to return their keys. 

Making new keys is an extra expense and possibly you might even have to change the locks. With access control devices you can avoid this since it has a key-less entry option and the most convenient way to enter a building. 

  1. Reduces Theft and Accidents

Access Control System allows giving access to only authorised or trained employees to areas that may hold valuable or dangerous equipment. 

  1. Secure Sensitive Documents and Data

Many businesses have sensitive data and documents that need to be protected with all the security so that it can’t be accessible to everyone in the company. The access control device limits access to certain areas that hold sensitive data. 

How exactly access control devices work?

Access control device consists of three main components,

  1. Input device
  2. Output device
  3. Central processor

This device works pretty much the same as your credit card when it’s swiped. You can enter into your building or property by just swiping your card enclosed with a code. 

Once you swipe the card, it sends a signal and requests to open the door to the central processor. The central processor then verifies you for the validation to enter the particular area and grants permission to unlock the door. The permission signal passes to a relay in the central processor signalling to unlock the door. The entire process happens in a fraction of second. 

Credentials to enter your building with an access control device?

Key card, key fob, or biometrics like fingerprints, face-recognition are all the valid credentials to enter your building with the access control device. 

Types of access control devices:

In simple terms, access control devices are used to identify, validate and give access to particular individuals or employees to enter the door without a key and nothing more. 

There are three different Access control Devices:

  • Discretionary Access Control (DAC)
  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC)
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

Discretionary Access Control is a type of access control system that allows the property owner to decide who are allowed in a specific area, physically or digitally. DAC is least restrictive compared to the other systems. 

Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

Mandatory Access Control system is most commonly used in organizations that require extra security to protect the data and confidentiality. This system doesn’t permit owners to have access to a unit, instead, the owner can only manage the access controls. MAC system groups all the end-users and provide them with labels that permit them to gain access through security.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

RBAC is also known as Rule-Based Access Control. It is the most in-demand access control systems among households and in the business world. Here, the access is given by the system administrator and is completely based on the specific role within the household or organization. This system makes life much easier because the system administrator only has to assign access to specific job titles.

Choosing the right Access Control Device?

If you are looking for installing a new access control device or updating to a new device, there are a lot of factors that involved before choosing the right type of device for your property. We at Locksmith Monkey in Portland have put together a few important questions that would help make your decision easier. 

  1. Will my staff be able to manage the device easily?
  2. Type of functions & integrations you require?
  3. How much load or traffic will the device be able to handle?
  4. Which type of entry method would work best for your property? 
  5. How scalable is the access control device?
  6. How does the device operate during an emergency? 
  7. Can the device be easily upgraded and serviced when needed?

How much does access control device cost?

The cost of the access control device basically depends on the type of system you want to install. We at Locksmith Monkey in Portland help you to choose the right device for your property. We provide our services at the most affordable rates inclusive of the device and installation fee. 

The price of the access control system and its installation is influenced by a few different factors:

  • Size of the vendor company
  • Type of access control device
  • Type and level of Insurance (COI) you require
  • Security and efficient use of the device
  • The total volume of purchase
  • Professional assistance to walk you through if required
  • Number of doors you want to install the device
  • Urgency of purchase

In addition to the above pricing factors, there are two key elements that you need to consider – Level of device complexity and size of the company.

What Does Locksmith Monkey Install?

From single battery-operated door controls to networked systems that control multiple buildings from one location, Locksmith Monkey can meet your access control security device needs. 

Why you should hire Locksmith Monkey?

We at Locksmith Monkey PDX provide on-site professional consultation, which is the best way to evaluate your particular location, understand your requirements, and ascertain the best suitable and cost-effective personalized options to choose the right access control device. 

We will provide you with all the detailed information on how the device works and it’s core functionalities. If you are confused about making a decision we will give suggestions required for you to choose the right type of access control device. 

If you are looking for professional locksmiths in Portland to install access control device to secure your property Locksmith Monkey in Portland OR is the right choice to make. From a single door to multiple doors we provide access control device installation services as per your needs and requirements. 

You can reach us at (503) 465-4595 or request a quote here 

We will be right at your door-step within 30 minutes. We are available 24/7, you can call us any day at any time, we are happy to help you. 

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