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How to secure your office during the holiday season

How to secure your office during the holiday season

The holiday season is the perfect time for owners and employees to take some time off from work. Whether you’re spending time with friends and family or just unwinding from the toils of day to day. It feels good to let your worries to melt away!

However, the holiday season is not the time for you to be carefree about your workplace security. It is important to take basic precautions to increase the safety and security of your office. 

Here are 12 useful tips on how to secure your office during the peak holiday season to prevent opportunistic theft:

  1. Lock up your valuables.
    Sometimes, many business owners overlook the basic security steps and forget to lock up the valuables such as cashboxes, checkbooks, bank account numbers, company documents and more. So, make sure to safe lock all your valuables in a secure place.
  2. Look for suspicious activities.
    Burglars will always pre-plan and often keep an eye on the targeted unguarded office. Every day they closely observe each and every activity of the targeted office and wait for the right time to break into the building. Being alert to suspicious activities especially parking lots and other public areas before holidays will help secure your office from being burglarized.
  3. Ensure all doors and windows are safely locked.
    During busy times prior to holidays, lots of things run through your mind. Forgetting to close and lock your doors and windows can often happen. You can alleviate that worry by having a secure lock system to the doors and windows such as automatic door locks, a good quality deadbolt and more. It ensures your doors and windows are closed and secured before you leave your office for the holidays. 
  4. Upgrade your lock system.
    Upgrade your office security to the next level with smart lock systems to prevent burglars from breaking in. You can install high-security locks and smart security systems with the help of locksmith professionals in Portland. Plan to upgrade your lock and key security systems before the holiday season. 
  5. Secure your electronic devices with passwords 
    Secure all your electronic equipment, including PCs, telephones, and laptops before leaving for the holiday season. Make sure your laptops and PC’s are protected with strong passwords to secure the confidential data of your office and make it inaccessible to thieves. 
  6. Test all of your security equipment.
    Before the holiday season, don’t forget to test all your security equipment such as fire alarms, security cameras, access control system and more, make sure they’re working properly. By doing this before the holiday season, you will have ample time to make any required upgradations or repairs, so that you can leave your office with peace of mind that it’s protected. 
  7. Make sure your facility is properly locked. 
    If your office has an access control system, make sure that any preschedules set automatically to open the doors on a specific day and time are overridden during the holidays, so the building is not unlocked and unattended during the holidays.
  8. Ensure decorations don’t obstruct security systems.
    Christmas season is all about decorations and lights many offices put up lights and decorations for the festive vibe. While decorating your office, it is important to take into consideration where you put them up, so they don’t obstruct your security systems. Avoid decorations near security cameras, especially outside as they potentially cover the cameras. 
  9. Make sure your office is well-lit
    If your office has dim to no lights, this could let the burglars know that there is no one at the office. This is why it is very important to put on the lights both indoors and outdoors. Always keep the lights on to make it look like your office is occupied, even when it’s closed.
  10. Have security personnel 
    You can have temporary security personnel just for the holiday season. It is one of the best and easiest way to improve your office security. This helps to keep your office reception area attended and monitored closely and prevent the thieves from entering your office. 
  11. Set up an emergency call list.
    Make sure you have an emergency call list in case of any theft attempt. If your office alarm is triggered, having an emergency call list helps to contact the right people can be contacted as quickly as possible. Make sure the right phone numbers and email addresses are listed for each emergency contact. 
  12. Have an Emergency Plan 
    In case of an emergency, such as a burglary, be sure you have an emergency plan so that you can implement it as quickly as possible to prevent from the invaluable risk and loss. 

With the right security precautions and smart security systems, it is possible to monitor your company property from far. If you are looking to upgrade your office security, contact locksmith monkey in PDX today! You can be worry-free and enjoy the holiday season while we help you keep your business safe.

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