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Testimonials, Ratings & Reviews

Testimonials, Ratings & Reviews




At Locksmith Monkey we want to know how well we are serving our customers. We like to learn from them, for without understanding their needs, how can a Locksmith continually strive for perfection in every way?

We believe that the mark of a great Locksmith is in how it strives to make things right if somebody ever feels a Locksmith doesn’t meet and exceed their expectations.

So we encourage our customers to post their honest reviews about their experiences with us first at Google Places, Google Plus, Yelp, and Facebook.

Below are just a few of the thank you notes our customers have sent to us in the past year. You may also read reviews on Social Media, or please feel free to post your own review.

We hope that you will come and be apart of our story very soon.

Rated 4.99/5 based on 180 customer reviews
Local Locksmith Portland

Called Locksmith Monkey on a Saturday night. My daughter flew back from California, Got to airport parking lot in Portland Or. and realized she had no keys and were left in Ca. My first call was locksmith Monkey and the gentleman was like we can be out in 45mins to 1 hour in Battle Ground Wa. To get her in her house. The technician was professional and fast got her in without drilling locks out – my thought. My daughter called other companies stressed with no answers. 5 stars to Locksmith Monkeys!! Didn’t charge an outrageous price either.

Isabel C. On Yelp locked out of the house December 10, 2018

We just called Locksmith Monkey to open our car. The gentleman was very very nice and helpful. We will use Locksmith Monkey again!

Thank you

Stacie C. On Yelp We just called Locksmith Monkey to open our car December 8, 2018

Called after i left my key at home in California. They came out right away and hooked me up. Awesome tech that helped

Sondra C. On Google locked out of my house December 8, 2018

Locksmith Monkey just came and opened our car. The gentleman that came out was very very nice. He showed us that our 20 year old car key had worn down so he made us a new one. We will definitely use this company again. Thank you

Queen C. On Google old car key had worn down December 8, 2018

Great customer care, very friendly and professional.

Randy J. On Google Front Door Lock Repair December 7, 2018

Fast, friendly service when I really needed it!

Dan B. On Google locked out of our house December 7, 2018

Locked my keys in car while at work. Called these guys and they sent West out to help. 30 min later I had my keys. Easiest and best company to have help you. West is a rockstar

Tommy W. On Google Locked my keys in car while at work December 6, 2018

West was extremely quick and helpful. 10/10 would use you guys again.

Greyson C. On Google Northeast Portland December 6, 2018

I am so appreciative for West he and locksmith monkey got me going this morning. I locked my keys in my car and he was here on the money!!! Thanks West so much you awesome!!

Tiana D. On Google locked my in North Portland December 1, 2018

We called Locksmith Monkey at 7:30pm on thanksgiving – a cold rainy night- Ilan rescued us! He must have dropped everything to help us because we were inside within 45 minutes despite it being thanksgiving. He was efficient, kind and professional. If I ever need locksmith services again in the future I will definitely call the monkey!

Jennie L. On Yelp Locksmith North Portland, OR November 23, 2018

Awesome service! I lost my ignition keys to my Toyota. They were able to come out within an hour on the weekend! I had a new working key in 45 minutes. Total lifesavers.

Kevin W. On Yelp I lost my ignition keys to my Toyota November 18, 2018

Great customer service! Locksmith Monkey re-keyed my locks after I moved into a new place – quick, professional, excellent job. Then, I had an issue with a deadbolt lock and they came by to help me nearly immediately. Highly recommended!

Kit B. On Yelp re-keyed my locks after I moved into a new place November 14, 2018

I was having the most anxiety filled day. I was taking a load from my storage unit to my car and went to unlock it. It wouldn’t budge. I threw a little tantrum at first and then calmly tried one more time and snap my key broke off in my door. I dropped my keys on the ground and started crying. I had called two different company’s. I got a call back assuming it was the original company I chose. My phone ended up dying and did in fact actually die as Mr. pulled up and parked behind me. I ran over frantic about my phone and he was so calm and plugged my phone into his van. The whole time as I blabbered on about nonesence he kept reassuring me everything was Going to be ok and to smile. Well he was super fast and finished before my friend who was helping me pay for the key got there. Well he waited patiently for quite a while. My fire never came so luckily my parents live close by and we’re able to come and paid me out. I told my parents the price that I was the company I called. It wasn’t at all. But here’s the thing. He knew I was frazzled all to heck and when I was confused to the max why it was higher than i thought my dad only had so much cash on him and Mr. worked with us. Great service amazing.

Desere Saechao Assistant Manager 989 NE 61st Ave (Extra Space Storage) November 12, 2018

Answered right away and was quick to help us out of a jam. Thanks!

Erin R. On Google Had my only key stolen November 12, 2018

They arrived and had me in my house within an hour from my call and I live 40 mins outside of Portland. Wes was great and it cost about half of what I expected.

Victoria T. On Google locked out of my house November 8, 2018

Kia sedona key fob made at southeast Portland Oregon

We needed help getting a key made for a car we had just purchased that had no key and Ilan came out late in the evening and spent awhile working on our car in the dark to get the key made for us, very friendly and we appreciated him working out in the cold to help us get a key to take the car home. Would recommend this company.

Emili B. On Yelp Car keys replacement November 6, 2018

They responded very quickly to my call and were very professional and helpful. I would recommend them again.

Nathan B. On Yelp lock yourself out of your car November 4, 2018

House lock pick in southwest Portland Oregon

Wes was here quick on a Sunday morning. Finished quickly too and friendly conversation. Totally recommend.

Kaooni S. On Google locked out of the house November 2, 2018

Nothing else worked until Wes showed up and removed a Kryptonite lock. From phone call to freed bike was about 45 minutes, so timing is also awesome!

Corey W. Kryptonite Bicycle Lock Remove October 26, 2018

Ignition Lock Cylinder repair

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! We have had terrible experiences with a past locksmith, but after our experience with Locksmith Monkey (Ilan) our minds have been changed. We had out car broken into and a small part of a key left in our ignition. Ilan came out quickly and was great at communicating updates. Price was fair and work was done well and fast. We will keep his card on our fridge from now on just in case. THANK YOU LOCKSMITH MONKEY!

Shelby P. On Yelp our car broken into October 24, 2018

Store Front Door Lock Repair

Lost my home key is quite frustrating. Wes did a great job and make this much better. He is willing to help and also did a good work .

Bo G. On Google House Keys October 2, 2018

Door Lock Repair & Installation

We were so pleased when Wes showed up after we had locked ourselves out of our home on a Saturday morning. It took him about 20 minutes to get to us from the time we called & he was efficient & friendly. We would call them again in a pinch!

Rebecca A. On Yelp locked out of the house September 30, 2018

Residential Locksmith Portland

Great job tonight! Very friendly, as fast as could be considering was at a job completely across town. Easy, fair, so thankful to be in the house! Thank you!

Scott A. On Google locked out of the house September 28, 2018

Deadbolt lock repair

We had a ring of keys stolen for our house. They came out and replaced our outside locks so they all use the same key and fixed our annoying front door that you had to jiggle just right to open. He did run later than expected, but he communicated with me multiple times where he was and what was happening. He worked fast and knew what he was doing. He was friendly and relaxed. I would recommend him to anybody.

Craig L. On Yelp Break-in Repair September 21, 2018

Toyota Prius Emergency key and remote

The Technician was fantastic and very professional. They were also the only place around to be able to get me a smart key for my Prius and program it the same day. I would recommend to anyone!

Sam W. On Google New smart key for my Prius September 12, 2018

key locked inside my truck

Wes was a patient Monkey, and he got the job done ✅ Thanks for the quick response.

Kyle O. On Google locked my keys in my car September 7, 2018

house lock rekey

We were locked out of our house on a Sunday of a holiday weekend and the locksmith was on time and friendly. He was a lower price than some other places I called.

Carrie D. On Google locked out of our house September 7, 2018

kwikset smartkey lock

West was on-time and customer friendly. He showed up at 9:30 PM and got the job done fast. I highly recommend Locksmith Monkey to all my friends.

Brian P. On Google Northeast Portland Locksmith September 6, 2018

West was expedient and professional. After locking your keys inside your house, the last thing you want is for the locksmith to not know what they’re doing. West came prepared to get the job done in a variety of ways. He clearly knows what he is doing.

David D. On Google locked out of the house September 4, 2018

Made a key for my 2007 gsxr 600

My newer motorcycle had an ignition issue and locksmith monkey was able to deal with all the anti theft hardware and have my bike back on the road in a few hours. Genuine craftsmen and patient thoughtful people.

Brian F. On Google Motorcycle ignition issue September 3, 2018

Had my only key stolen the other day. Thought I would have to go through the Volkswagen dealership..which wanted me to have my car towed to them.. I found “Locksmith Monkey”, and my world got better. What a great company.they were very helpful…and I had my key made within an hr. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!

Daniel G. On Google Had my only key stolen August 22, 2018

Amazing Service! Same day appointment. Called after 6pm and had 5 locks rekeyed by 7:30pm! Wow!

M Griggs On Google Re-key the house August 21, 2018

West was awesome! He got my keys out in 3 minutes!! Then he gave us a free concert! LoCKSMITH MONKEYS!!!

Kristen A. On Google North Portland, OR August 14, 2018

locked my keys in my travel trailer

Imagine my panic when I accidentally locked my keys in my travel trailer, with my old dog inside on a Sunday evening. Locksmith Monkey showed up very quickly to save the day. Great job!!

Andrea A. On Yelp locked my keys in my travel trailer August 13, 2018

The service tech showed up on time at location I was parked. He promptly went to work after price was agreed upon. He finished in 20 minutes like he said he would. The cost would have been the same if I went to my local mechanic but my mechanic wanted the car for 3 hours. After Locksmith Monkey finished the job he gave me a 25 dollar discount. Thank you brother much appreciated.

Peter C. On Yelp Ignition lock cylinder repair August 5, 2018

Thanks to West they got me open real quick. Nothing worse than being locked out the house. Professional and quick and priced well.

Chad C. On Yelp locked out the house July 28, 2018

The door to my brand new house blew shut and locked with my keys, phone, and glasses inside. A neighbor googled Locksmith Monkey. Wes was there in 15 minutes and had the door opened in 3. Courteous, friendly, and efficient. I couldn’t have found better service.

Christine L Locksmith July 16, 2018

Ilan did a superb job – he was punctual (even on a Sunday evening), and got the jammed door open for us as promised! He was courteous and professional, and did his job efficiently and effectively. We are very grateful. Thanks!

Jeffrey Markovics Locksmith July 16, 2018

I highly recommend Locksmith Monkey. I lost my key case with several important keys. A quick search on the internet and I found Locksmith Monkey. I called and dispatcher said they could be to my location within an hour and re-key the house. Wesley arrived as promised and re-keyed three doors. He is very professional and knowledgeable about locks and worked quickly to get new keys made. From the initial phone call to the completion of the job, the company provided great customer service.
Harriett H.

Harriett H. On Yelp Re-key the house July 9, 2018

Locked out of my home late night, it was dark and I had no phone, money and didn’t remember anybody’s phone number. I walked to a local market and the clerk Googled locksmith monkey. West was at my house in about 20 minutes, he was fast, friendly and professional. Thanks again West, I appreciate your exceptional service.

Jackie K North Portland June 29, 2018

Called because our battery was dead. Said they could be there in 30-35 and made it in 15! Fast friendly and got us on our way! Thanks!

Carrie G. On Yelp Called because our battery was dead June 26, 2018

Wes was great. The prices here are reasonable and I was given a flat quote over the phone no hidden fee’s no BS. Wes was cool and friendly. 100% recommend this place if you are like me and lock yourself out of your car.

Colton D. On Google lock yourself out of your car June 12, 2018

Ilan was amazing came out when it was convenient for me even though it was 10 at night. Was very fast replacing my whole ignition and it was cheap too! Definitely high rating absolutely!

Tylor H. On Google Replacing my whole ignition June 12, 2018

Wes got here fast and was super friendly the whole time. We got what we needed in a timely fashion- we will definitely be using this service again if needed 🙂

jael c. On Google locked out the house June 11, 2018

rekey locks 6

Ilan was wonderful, hard working and honest. He was at my house ASAP to help me get into my condo. I highly recommend locksmith monkey and will use them again! Nora

Nora C. Locked my keys in my Condo June 7, 2018

rekey locks 6

Ilan was really excellent in repairing my front door look: responded quickly, rapidly diagnosed the problem and replaced the broken part, and all at a fair price. Friendly, knowledgeable, and fast!

Larry J. Front Door Lock Repair June 6, 2018

BMW replacement key fob

After weeks of getting the run around from other locksmith to make a new key for my BMW, I came across Locksmith Monkey. They came out ASAP and worked with me to get me the best deal and easiest solution. Highly reccomend their services!

olivia m. BMW Replacement key fob June 2, 2018

Unlocking a truck at Intel

Ilan is awesome! I lost my keys for the work truck, realized in the morning around 6am, and he showed up around 7am. Fast and professional service! Call them if you are in need. Many thanks guys! That’s how all the businesses should run.. 🙂 🙏

Márton K. Car keys replacement June 1, 2018

Locked myself in my garage and all my windows were locked. Called Locksmith Monkey and they came when they said, 20-25 minutes. Got me back in my house in no time. If you’re able, have cash ready. Credit card fees for small business owners are high.

Srk K. On Yelp Locksmith May 29, 2018

Home Lock Rekeying

Had a great experience! Service was fast, fair priced, and clean. Ilan was super nice and helpful, and explained everything well. Thanks!

Yarden S. Lock Rekey May 29, 2018

Great customer service! I found myself locked out of my house in North Portland after taking my dog out for a walk. Locksmith Monkey came out quickly and within 30min I was back inside my home.

Very professional and helpful. A definite recommendation.

Melinda P. On Yelp North Portland, OR May 28, 2018

Ilan was prompt, professional and funny! Came out in less than 2 hours – awesome! Thanks!

Kara S. Rekeyed front door locks May 24, 2018

locked keys in car

Barak came and made a new key for my Honda Pilot. The car had some issues with the ignition and he made it work super well! Highly recommend locksmith monkey.

Nic C. On Google Car Key fob Made May 23, 2018

ultraloq electronic door locks ul3 sn 64 1000

Needed a keyless door unlocked. Called and Tech out in less than 30 minutes, door opened in less than 5 minutes. Very friendly and professional.

Jory J. On Google locked my keys in my house May 23, 2018

locked keys in car

Barak came right over when we called on a Sunday night, as soon as we realized that we had locked both keys in our place. He was friendly and fast. We got in and had our keys in hand in no time.

Marcia R. On Google locked my keys in my house May 21, 2018


Wes was at the house sooner than estimated and gave very good service. We will be using them again if we ever need to!

Kate W. Southwest Portland, Portland, OR May 20, 2018

Deadbolt door lock

I got locked out of my house and Ilan was there in 20 minutes! He was kind and professional. Thank you! I highly recommend him and his expertise in this situation.

Alicia H. On Yelp North Portland, OR May 18, 2018

Car Key Fob Copy Vancouver Washington

Barak is the man and really great guy! He saved us over $340!!! Dealership wanted over $340 for 1 key and they did 2 for $340. They travel to where you are and available 24-7. They do all the modern keys and quickly. We needed 2 transponder chip keys and he made them for us in about a hour. We’re located in Vancouver, WA and so they travel quiet a ways. I would highly recommend Locksmith Monkey, especially if you need expensive keys made.

Sev K. On Yelp Car key fob replacement May 18, 2018

Car Key Fob Copy Vancouver Washington

These guys are awesome! They saved us over $340! We needed copies of Transponder keys (the ones with chips in them) made and the dealership wanted over $340 for 1, these guys did 2 for the same price. They travel to where you are and are available 24-7. The keys work wonderfully. My only slight knock on them is that they were a half hour late, BUT we do live in Vancouver and they’re in Portland. I would highly recommend these guys.

Johnny N. On Google Car Key fob Copy May 17, 2018

Safe Locksmith Portland

I’m a repeat customer because Locksmith Monkey provides excellent service. Prompt, courteous, friendly, and a respectable professional are just a few ways to describe Locksmith Monkey!.

Michael F On Google Northeast Portland Locksmith May 16, 2018

rekey locks 1

Polite, professional, did the job quickly and correctly. Said they would be here in 1 hour to re-key the house, showed up almost exactly on time, and was friendly and happy to help. Would call again if needed.

Juan C. On Google re-key the house May 15, 2018

deadbolt install to prevent burglary in southeast portland

Ilan to the rescue! The locksmith arrived quickly, was professional and efficient. Good thing, since I had locked myself out with something left on the stove. Ilan, the technician answered my questions patiently while he worked on the lock. Maybe the Avengers need a new team member:)

Marmota G. On Yelp Door Lock Repair May 12, 2018

heavy duty lock

Was feeling low as I was locked out late at night alone. I called two locksmiths… they couldn’t open my lock- was a heavy duty lock. Waited outside for 2 hours. West opened it fairly quickly. If only I had called him right away!

Surina D. On Google Locked out of my apartment in pearl distric portland May 9, 2018

House lock pick in southwest Portland Oregon

Partied out then locked out past out in women’s wear… Dude your screwed dance the day 12am Locksmith Monkeys to the rescue .. 30mins. ..Kool And k don’t look good in drag.

Ronald E. S. On Google Locked out of my home May 8, 2018

Home Lock Rekey Laurelhurst Neighborhood in Portland Oregon

Very happy with our service with locksmith monkey! Called midweek and got them to come out within a couple days to rekey our home. Super helpful writing out the cost for each option for us so we could make an informed decision. Fast and priced fairly! Thanks again!

E. Lindberg On Google House Rekey May 7, 2018

Jeep Cherokee replacement key made Portland Oregon

Lost a key to my Jeep on a move to Portland, the guy had to remove my lock and decode the lock, but that still only took 40ish minutes. 5 out of 5

Nathaniel R. On Google Car keys replacement May 6, 2018

Pleasant, fair price and excellent service, Thank you Locksmith Monkey for being the only locksmith that I will call in the future.

Heather Nissa Ragonese Locksmith May 2, 2018

Wes was very helpful when we were locked out of our apartment. It was late and we had all of our groceries and he made sure to be quick and update us on his ETA.

Alyssa White Locksmith May 1, 2018

motorcycle key made in Portland Oregon

it was late and I needed a key for a 51 year old bike and they came out at midnight and saved the day. i’ll never call anyone else again, these guys are great. courteous, expert, and genuinely nice folks. thx!

Steve J. On Yelp motorcycle key replacement April 30, 2018

I had an excellent experience with Locksmith Monkey. They fixed my condo door lock on short notice, in the evening. I’d highly recommend them!

Kristen R. Manager condo door lock April 30, 2018

motorcycle key made in Portland Oregon

I’m sold. these guys did me a huge favor. Courteous, expert, reasonable… I’ll never call or go anywhere else in PDX for keys again. Thx Barack!

Steven L. J. On Google motorcycle key replacement April 29, 2018

Made a key for my 2007 gsxr 600

Awesome customer service and even better work. Made a key for my 2007 gsxr 600 in about 30 minutes. Very recommend. Best locksmith in US and specialized with bikes

Allen C. On Yelp motorcycle key replacement April 28, 2018

Chevrolet Silverado 2016 KEY

Quickly responded to my call for help after getting locked out of my car on a rainy evening. I would definitely recommend them!

sara p. On Google locked out of my car April 26, 2018

1917 home with an unusual lock

I called at 8pm, my call was politely answered and a time was made for service to the front door of a 1917 home with an unusual lock.
Ilan arrived on time, was professional, calm and confident.He repaired the lock and the part that was not made any more!He also is pet friendly!!

Kate B. On Yelp Front Door Lock Repair April 24, 2018

Garage Dood Repair Services

Wesley made a very stressful situation, being locked out of my garage, one in which I felt assured and confident that he would get the job done. He is excellent at being thorough, kind and patient. He did a great job!

Shelly S. On Google Garage Door Unlock April 24, 2018

Awesome service. Was locked out, the guy was here in 20 minutes or so, got me in quicker. Highly recommend. Thank you Wesley

Michael L. On Yelp Locked out of my home April 22, 2018

Honda Key and Lock Cylinder

My car was broken into today and they really messed up the locks. Barack came out to my house on a Sunday night a fixed my locks and did so within an hour. Not only that, he was super nice and friendly AND gave me tips on how to prevent my car from future break-ins (it’s evidently a popular car to steal) and pointers on how to address my insurance company. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Leslie V. On Google Ignition lock cylinder repair April 22, 2018

Broken Lexus Key repair

Barak was amazing! We were stuck at a gas station because the key would turn. So we called Locksmith Monkeys and the came out in 30mins, it only took 5mins for Barak too make a new key and we were on our way!!

Rubyjean G On Google Car key fob replacement April 22, 2018

Kia sedona key fob made at southeast Portland Oregon

Locksmith Monkey was great. I lost my keys to a Kia Sedona and Locksmith Monkey was the only locksmith I could find to make a new key with buttons, and for much less of the cost of going to the dealership. At first they didn’t have the right key FOB but they made me a regular key so I could drive home. Then Barack scheduled a time to come back to my house with the right FOB. So grateful I used them rather than the dealership.

Laura W. On Yelp Car key fob replacement April 17, 2018

Volkswagen jetta key fob made northeast Alberta st Portland Oregon

Locksmith Monkey did a fantastic job.We we’re visiting from out of town losr our car key on a Sunday evening Barrak came to our rescue, and had a key made for our car (VW Jetta) within an hour and onsite. He made a stressful situation an easy fix for us. If you need a locksmith in the Portland area do not hesitate to call Locksmith Monkey.

Albert R On Google Car key fob replacement April 16, 2018

Mercedes 2005 e350 key for replacement

That Guy did a Great job He made new fob key for my Mercedes then delivered it to me at work in another city worth every penny

Kash L. On Google Car key fob replacement April 10, 2018

Prius key fob 2010-2016

If you need a locksmith, these are the guys to call!! Seriously. They have GREAT services and the most friendly customer oriented service around. Something almost rare these days! The ease of my situation came off without any issues and from the time I called until my issue was resolved was just about an hour. I am thankful and glad I chose to have them help me. They really stand out from the rest. I think they are the best of the best in their business. I definitely will call again if I ever need a locksmith again.

Kristine A. On Google Car keys replacement April 4, 2018

Store Front Door Lock Rekey And Repair

So stoked that I won’t be spending the night at my office tonight after one of my employees’ backpack was stolen along with his keys. I didn’t even think that there would be 24hour locksmiths available at short notice until my Controller said, “I’ll make some calls”. I’m chilling and watching Twitch while the Locksmith Monkeys are rekeying the building and cranking out several dozen keys. It’s a lesson my employees will remember, but I won’t have to remember it as that uncomfortable night sleeping on the company couch. Thanks, Locksmith Monkey!

Doug W. On Google Business Locks Change and Rekey March 28, 2018

locked keys in car

Locked my keys out of my car and West came out within 25 mins and had my car good to go within 10 mins. Awesome service highly recommend to anyone having the same issue.

Andre E. On Yelp locked my keys in my car March 28, 2018

Deadbolt lock repair

This is the second time I’ve hired LM. Our front door needed repairing, and Ilan came over in the evening and repaired it. Good price, friendly service. Highly recommend.

Brian S. On Yelp Door Lock Repair March 20, 2018

Deadbolt lock repair

My second experience with LSM today was wonderful! Timely arrival based upon the courteous call ahead of time, super-efficient repair process, charming character by the repair tech and overall satisfaction – AGAIN! LSM is certainly my go to contact for any future needs. Thanks again for the great care and customer service!

David S. Door Lock Repair March 18, 2018

Home lock - deadbolt unlock

I was very pleased with professionalism, speed. Arrived within estimated time, did not damage my door/lock and got me inside in a timely manner. You can tell these guys were busy, even for a Sunday. Would recommend to my SW portland community

Jay B. On Yelp Locked out of my home March 18, 2018

Quick, easy, and very professional! Will definitely contact them again when I need help with being locked out! Thank You SO Much!!!!!!!!!

Tykeisha I. On Google locked my keys in my car March 13, 2018

Wes came out to my house, after I was locked got locked out. He was here within the time given to me on the phone and got me in in a timely matter. Having an epileptic dog who needed her medication this was very much appreciated. Thank you!

Nathanial F. On Google Locked out of my home March 12, 2018

Barak was very helpful when he came to get our car unlocked. I had a hard time finding a locksmith over the weekend and our car was stuck in downtown Portland since Friday night.. It was Sunday and I was frustrated and worried because other places said they couldn’t program our spare unprogrammed key since we had originally lost our good key. Service was fast and reliable and Barak knew exactly what to do with our complicated Lexus IS250. Thanks Locksmith Monkey! You saved us from a big headache and the price was great!

Ana M. On Google Car keys replacement March 11, 2018

Wes was over immediately and had my car unlocked for me in seconds. Excellent service, reasonably priced, all around great!

Brian A. On Google locked my keys in my car March 9, 2018

I had a scary incident where my keys and wallet/id were stolen in the evening and I needed to get my locks changed just to be safe. they got out here quickly and were oh so wonderful both with the quality of their work but also just personally. We had a great chat and a couple of laughs and my crummy night was made a lot better. 10/10 would use again.

Parisa T. On Yelp House Locks Change March 5, 2018

Ilan was wonderful. Came out on time, got right to work and on a Sunday night, with very little notice. Thank you so much…your a life saver.

Keri S Y. On Google locks rekey March 4, 2018

Mobile, come to you which I love. Got new key in 10 minutes. Accommodating and professional.

Amber H. On Yelp Pearl District Residential district in Portland, Oregon March 3, 2018

I just had Ilan out to replace 3 locks. He arrived on time. Installed 3 keyless locks. He was efficient and organized.

Sarah L. On Google Lock Instalation service March 2, 2018

“This guys are the best “, after making many calls to different locksmiths some witch could not be honest with the cost of the replacement of the lock on my 2006 Honda Odyssey ,the Locksmith Monkey came to my location and replace my lock and a replacement key in a jiffy , I definitely recommend this guys to anyone , they are friendly and they get the job done !

Rigo R. On Google Car Door Lock Rekey March 2, 2018

Thank you Barack for your help today with my ignition. I thought it was going to be a much bigger problem. I appreciation your communication and honesty I would recommend and call you again for future problems!!!

Vanessa L. On Yelp Ignition lock cylinder repair March 2, 2018

My husband and I arrived yesterday afternoon at PDX, returning from a family visit out of state. We caught the airport shuttle to Hyatt Place Hotel to retrieve our 2013 Toyota Tacoma pickup from the parking lot. The weather was miserable, cold and raining. We still had a 3-hour drive ahead of us to our home on the central Oregon coast. The key was missing; I couldn’t locate it despite a desperate search. We were stuck! The hotel desk manager recommended Locksmith Monkey. My husband called and a Locksmith Monkey service person came within 15 minutes. He unlocked the truck in the rain, still no key. A call from him to Barack revealed a 1-hour wait while he completed his previous customer’s call. Within 30 minutes an affable and professional Barack arrived. He put us at ease immediately and created a new key, coupled with a replacement remote. Barack completed the service call in less than 30 minutes. We were on our way home shortly thereafter. Thank goodness for Locksmith Monkey and Barack. 5 STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Linda Gail Deming Retired RN Emergency auto locksmith services March 1, 2018

Ilan GREAT service!.. Estimated wait 45 mins, were out within half an hour, gave him $5 extra, gentleman was honest enough to turn around and return it! Extremely appreciative of great service.

Agnes B. On Google Locked out of my home March 1, 2018

I blew it by losing my keys but thankfully I found Locksmith Monkey. I was visiting my daughter and not familiar with the area. Thank you Wes for saving me from a parking ticket too. He was fast and Got me on my way. It was worth the money to make it to our dinner reservation! Thanks again Locksmith Monkey!

Tammy H. On Google Car keys replacement February 28, 2018

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