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At Locksmith Monkey we want to know how well we are serving our customers. We like to learn from them, for without understanding their needs, how can a Locksmith continually strive for perfection in every way?

We believe that the mark of a great Locksmith is in how it strives to make things right if somebody ever feels a Locksmith doesn’t meet and exceed their expectations.

So we encourage our customers to post their honest reviews about their experiences with us first at Google Places, Google Plus, Yelp, and Facebook.

Below are just a few of the thank you notes our customers have sent to us in the past year. You may also read reviews on Social Media, or please feel free to post your own review.

We hope that you will come and be apart of our story very soon.


Rated 5/5 based on 216 customer reviews
Local Locksmith Portland

Was very impressed by the time they arrived, they said 30 min over the phone, they actually arrive in 15 min. Also price was as expected. Very recommend.

Tom R Portland locksmith April 28, 2017

Locksmith Monkey saved the day. I had a unique unlock situation. The truck is a 1989 GMC that we had no key for whatsoever. I had tried calling the dealership and they said the truck is too old and they couldn’t get a code to make the new key. I also called other locksmiths and they gave me a 2 to 3 hour arrival time. Locksmith Monkey arrived in 1 hour. He had a nice van with all equipment and got the job done in a reasonable time. Thank you. Highly recommended and would use again.

Donald K On Yelp Locksmith Portland April 26, 2017

My sliding back door lock quit working, wouldn’t lock.. i googled locksmiths, i called the first one saw. That was the best service ever they were out to fix the lock very quickly within 30 minutes. Thank you Locksmith Monkey for helping me today Mialee

Mialee M On Google+ Locksmith Portland April 23, 2017

I have called Locksmith Monkey twice now. First time was for a rekeying of my VW. The technician was very knowledgeable and professional, explaining the particulars of my key, and offered me an alternative to the factory key fob that works perfectly. He worked out of his van, and was able to meet his time estimate.

Today, I called Locksmith Monkey because the deadbolt on my safety door wouldn’t open.
Alan responded to my call quickly and was able to determine that the keys i had cut were not completely cut correctly. He was able to analyze the door lock in his mobile lock lab, and recut a perfect key that works on all of the locks!

I am very impressed with the technicians at Locksmith Monkey. They are courteous and talented. I would recommend them to anyone!

Hans P On Yelp Locksmith Portland April 19, 2017

Car Door Unlock - Downtown Portland

I have used Locksmith Monkey twice now. Both times were because I locked myself out of my car. Locksmith Monkey was able to get me into my locked car very quickly, and even got there in a timely matter. Hopefully I won’t lock myself out for a third time, but if I do I’ll be sure to call Locksmith Monkey. Thank you, Locksmith Monkey for coming to my rescue.

Charlene B On Google+ Locksmith Portland April 6, 2017

Awesome service! Even went way out of his way to help us get our key out of our gas lid! Don’t recommend hiding your key there with a Volkswagen! Thank you again.

Sally K On Goggle Auto Locksmith Portland April 3, 2017

These guys get 5 stars because they earned it by showing up right on time and helping me to resolve a tricky situation. The locksmith on duty, Michael, was patient and highly competent with getting my broken key out of my house door lock, and he made extra keys. He also gave me a very good price. Awesome customer service!

Salvatore F On Google+ Locksmith Portland March 19, 2017

We called them and the guy who showed up took 5 seconds to pop open the door and was very nice! Really good experience!

Kelli M On Google+ Locksmith Portland March 11, 2017

Very smooth transaction.  Would recommend to a friend.  Ilan was very polite and my car was opened quickly.

The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is because of lack of communication between the phone staff and Ilan, the technician.  I had to wait longer than told, and even though I said I was parked in a specific hotel (and gave them the name of hotel and exact address) the technician didn’t know where I was.

A very nice interaction in an otherwise unpleasant time of locking myself out of my car.

Michelle J. On Yelp Locksmith February 8, 2017

Emergency Car Door Unlock Potland
Mike was super speedy, helpful, cheerful and pleasant! I was dreading having locked my key in my older Lexus but he came to the rescue!!!
Author Rating

Louisa T. On Yelp Locksmith Portland January 22, 2017

Locksmith unlocking house door in Portland Oregon

I had a very good experience with these guys. I googled: Locked out of apartment and their number was the first result. Mike was the one who helped me, he got to me very quickly, he was nice, cordial, and knew what he was doing. I recommend this service!

Clarke M. On Yelp Locksmith Portland January 14, 2017

Amazing service, I had been locked out for 6 hours in the snow attempting to open the door myself but he arrived and managed to open the door efficiently despite the level of difficulty. He was a total life saver!

Frida C On Google+ Locksmith January 13, 2017

Thanks to the locksmith monkey i was able to get back im my home tonight! Great service Micheal! from your Canadian customer!
Author Rating

Mathieu L On Google+ Locksmith December 28, 2016

Very kind, cordial, and tremendously helpful people work there. Their prices are fair and the services offered are quick, which even allowed me enough time to pick me children up from school during traffic hour. Thanks again, Locksmith Monkey. Now I know a reliable Locksmith to take care of my locks and will absolutely call this company again when I have the need. I also feel comfortable recommending them to my friends and family in the future.

Henry C BBB Locksmith December 13, 2016

This was literally the most enjoyable experience I have ever had dealing with any company. The kindest lock technician came out to save me with in only 15 minutes, as I was stuck at church with my keys in the car and late to work. Thank you very much Locksmith Monkey, you are truly life savers, Mike is sexy too!

Alembe S On Google+ Locksmith December 10, 2016

I called Locksmith Monkey locking for a estimate because i just had locked my keys in my car they had immediate availability to head my way to help as there estimate was very reasonable. i would recommend locksmith Monkey as your go to help! Excellent customer service!

Magdalene S On Yelp Locksmith December 9, 2016

Thank you Locksmith Monkey for coming and helping me and for getting my puppy dog out of my car. I totally appreciate all the help and the concern and love you have for animals.

Kathleen A On Facebook Locksmith November 23, 2016

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