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Testimonials, Ratings & Reviews

Testimonials, Ratings & Reviews




At Locksmith Monkey we want to know how well we are serving our customers. We like to learn from them, for without understanding their needs, how can a Locksmith continually strive for perfection in every way?

We believe that the mark of a great Locksmith is in how it strives to make things right if somebody ever feels a Locksmith doesn’t meet and exceed their expectations.

So we encourage our customers to post their honest reviews about their experiences with us first at Google Places, Google Plus, Yelp, and Facebook.

Below are just a few of the thank you notes our customers have sent to us in the past year. You may also read reviews on Social Media, or please feel free to post your own review.

We hope that you will come and be apart of our story very soon.

Rated 4.98/5 based on 201 customer reviews
Local Locksmith Portland

I called Locksmith Monkey locking for a estimate because i just had locked my keys in my car they had immediate availability to head my way to help as there estimate was very reasonable. i would recommend locksmith Monkey as your go to help! Excellent customer service!

Magdalene S On Yelp Locksmith December 9, 2016

Thank you Locksmith Monkey for coming and helping me and for getting my puppy dog out of my car. I totally appreciate all the help and the concern and love you have for animals.

Kathleen A On Facebook Locksmith November 23, 2016

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