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Is Your Garage Door Secure Enough?

Is Your Garage Door Secure Enough?

Having a garage door is great for many different purposes, but a main one should be for the safety of your home. Aside from being able to park your car in the garage, place storage items, and more, your garage can often times hold valuable and pricey belongings. Often times, homeowners neglect to get the proper locks they need for it, and rely on a simple button to open and close. Our Locksmiths in Portland want to share with you some tips on how to keep your home safer with better locks. Our specialists can come out to your residential property and help to rekey your garage doors and home’s locks to prevent any incidents from happening.

How To Make Your Garage More Safe

You should not only rely on your current remote to safely lock the garage door. There are other alternatives that will give you extra protection for your home and to keep your loved ones safe. Obviously garage remotes are very convenient to use, and are easy and simple. With one click of a button, your doors open and close. This is great when you are carrying heavy belongings such as groceries, small children, pets, etc. But, think about how easy it may be for a burglar to break into your garage while you are not home, if you do not have the proper locks.

While our Locksmith Monkey team can put all types of security locks on your garage doors, here are a few that are greatly recommended in addition to your remote control locks:

  • Keeping heavy duty locks on the garage entrance door. By securing the door that leads from your home to the garage with the proper locks, this can keep your home more safe from a burglar trying to break in. Our team can provide you with a keyless entry keypad for this door entrance so that if there was a chance of a robbery happening, they would need to know your secret code or fingerprint to get into your home this way.

  • Securing your garage door to be more reliable and stronger. Sometimes, burglars are so skilled and experienced with breaking into homes through garage doors, that they know exactly how to unlock one. Our team will repair your current garage door to our fullest abilities to ensure that it is strong and break in proof. You may be thinking that your garage door is a type of door that may be hard to fix or get another model of. Locksmith Monkey’s reliable team can handle any type of door including styles, models, measurements, etc.

  • Our team can install for your garage door some deadbolts to ensure that it is very tightly locked from any unwanted individuals besides your family members.


Often times, because homeowners do not bother to regularly service their garage doors and give them the TLC they deserve, they find that they need repairs more often. Have you ever experienced your garage not opening or closing properly? Maybe the automatic opener took a day off and decided to stop working on a very important and busy day for you. Luckily, our team offers repair service calls for these issues! We can come in no time to check out what is going on with your garage, and get it back to working safely and efficiently so that nothing will happen to your home while you are away.

We can rekey your garage door locks, as well as for the rest of your home to make it more of a smart home. This way, you can program to lock and unlock the garage from your home, and set it whenever you wish. This also protects you and your loved ones, so that your garage doors do not open or close unexpectedly when you are unaware of it.
For all of your garage door needs, rekey services, and changing locks to make them more reliable, our Locksmith Monkey team is ready to assist you. Simply give us a call to schedule an in house consultation with our professionals, and we can be there to service you in no time. We offer 24 hour service! Call us today.




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