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Be aware of these 12 common tactics used by Burglars

Be aware of these 12 common tactics used by Burglars

Burglar breaking into a house

Never ever take burglars for granted. They are highly trained criminals specializing in home invasions. They seem calm and composed but to get what they want; and will take any length of measures. Usually, they use external force to break-in and during that situation if you try to fight them it will more likely result in your death. In recent days, there is a spike in property crimes in Portland. So, it is crucial to be aware of the common tactics used by burglars to break into homes and properties. It is always better to be cautious and take preventive measures rather than being careless and invite trouble. We as one of the local locksmiths in Portland understand all your pain points so, we have come up with a list of 12 common tactics used by burglars to break into homes or properties:

1. Targets Isolated Properties

This is one of the most common tactics used by burglars. They are more likely to target properties with a blocking view from the streets to avoid being seen by anyone in the neighbourhood. The houses in the corner are usually targeted because they have only one side with neighbours and the other side to the street which will help burglars enter or escape easy.

2. Keep an eye on your movements.

Before executing the burglary, the burglars will watch over your movements like your work timings, your personal information, number of people in the house. They will also research your estimated income and gauge the valuables you own. They will also tap your social media and gather all the information to plan the plot.

3. Looks out for unlocked doors and windows

Most burglars would like to carry out the job without forced entry. Most thieves enter through doors and windows that are unlocked. Some burglars also take advantage of the garage and enter homes through there.

4. Staying away from Dogs

Burglars avoid targeting properties with dogs. They fear the barking more than their bite, as they don’t want to draw attention from anyone around which will risk failing their plan.

5. Targets Vacant Properties

Thieves mostly target properties that are vacant. Lights that are on from dawn to dusk, piled up mails, not mowed lawn are all signs of a vacant property. It’s easy for them to break in and carry out the deeds without any distractions when no one is home.

6. Properties that don’t have Security Systems

This is one of the best advantages for burglars. They target properties without cameras and security systems, as they can eliminate the risk of being seen or heard. This is a must for any home as it will be the main evidence to catch hold of the thieves. 

7. Utilizes tools

Things kept outside of the home such as tools and ladders will prove helpful for burglars to break-in. If they spot anything that could help them to get inside your house, they will not miss it. Be it bricks or rocks, bins or stools which will help them climb over fences and into balconies or windows.

8. Targets Valuables

Burglars will target properties where they know there will be items worth stealing inside so, that they do not make a wasted effort breaking in. They may look for people posting about having new and/or expensive items on social media, may peer through your windows, and check for discarded boxes in your bins.

9. Plans to steal small items

Burglars generally steal small valuables that they can fit into their backpacks. Moving heavy objects may be difficult without making attractive noise. So, they are likely to settle stealing small valuables yet of greater value. A few of the commonly stolen items are laptops, jewellery, cash, and expensive gadgets.

10. Targets houses with senior citizens

It becomes easy for burglars to break into a house with old people. The main reason is the old people are likely to be living alone or be prone to physical or mental disabilities and would be easy to fight them. This will help burglars carry their work easily.

11. Climbable Shrubbery

Huge shrubs, trees or even outdoor patio furniture can provide easy access to the upper floors of your home, and access to a room through there. It takes just one poorly secured door or window (unlocked) for a thief to get into your home.

12. Poses as Imposters

Be aware of door-knocking tactics. Do not open your door to anyone if you are suspicious or uncomfortable, and do not give out your personal information to a stranger. Burglars may imposter as plumbers, cable operators or cleaners. Any representative from reputable companies will have identification and they will not just show up at your door to provide service without an appointment.

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