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5 Common spots burglars always look at first

5 Common spots burglars always look at first

Burglar breaking into a house
Burglar breaking into a house

There is an exponential increase in house break-in rate every year in Portland. A lot of house owners are becoming the targeted victims leaving them with no clue. If you are a victim of a house break-in, we understand, how traumatic it is to deal with such situations. And being left with a gaping hole in your pocket to bear all the losses can add extra stress to your life by the burglars. In such situations, it’s quite common to analyze your house break-in incidence and come up with uncanny doubts about the burglars. 

And once you start connecting the dots of the whole situation, you start thinking in different ways and question yourself about how did you become their easy target? What caught the burglar’s attention? Do you have any loopholes in your home security? These questions are enough to understand the break-in and take further steps. Before you think about securing your home to protect your valuables from being burgled, it is important to understand how the burglar’s minds work and how they target. These burglars are very smart, and they know the most common spots where one would hide their valuables. Once they set their target, they wait for the perfect chance to execute their break-in plan. So, it is important to be informed about the most common spots burglars look at first.

Here are the 5 common spots burglars look at first:

With years of experience and detailed research, our locksmith experts have come up with a list of common spots that burglars always look at first. We hope this article will help you to stay more alert and take necessary security actions to secure your home to avoid future break-in risks. Let’s take a look at the most common spots that burglars always look at first before executing their break-in plan:

1. Near the Door and windows

Doors and windows are the common entry points for burglars. They are very much aware that the most common place anyone could hide their house key is near the front door. Many people chose to hide their house key in the front portion for ease and convenience.

And the usual potential places they look at first to find your house key is under the doormat, potted flowerpot and even windows. Hiding your house key at these common accessible places can make it extremely easy for burglars to break in within minutes.

2. Living room and kitchen

Once the intruders’ break-in they are likely to completely occupy the living room and kitchen. They find these two as the potential areas to sweep your electronic items in no time. Instead of targeting the bigger electronic devices such as refrigerators, TV, desktops and more, they smartly target the smaller devices such as tabs, laptops, ovens, gaming gadgets as it is easy for them to sell and make money quickly. So, it is important to take special care of all your electronic items before it’s too late. 

3. Bedroom

The bedroom is the next stop for burglars to look into specially to steal cash, debit cards, credit cards, jewellery and more. They know that the most expensive jewellery, watches are usually kept in bedroom. Especially in cupboards, drawers, under the mattress, and even inside a vase. Stealing and carrying these expensive valuables is super easy for them. And they know it well that it fetches a great resale value. The best way to secure your very expensive items is to lock them properly in a secure place where the burglars can’t access them easily.

4. Portable safe

A safe is a secure space where you can store all your money, valuables, records, and confidential documents. Installing a safe in your home is a great way to protect all your valuables from being burglarized. But it will not help if your safe is portable and isn’t attached to the floor or a wall. It is very easy for burglars to lift the safe if it’s portable. Investing in buying a safe and anchoring it to the floor or wall is the best security solution to secure your valuables can avoid future risks.  

5. Your home office

A lot of professionals prefer to have a small working space setup at home. This is one of the potential places burglars’ barges in to find expensive items such as laptop, speakers, headphones, office accessories. Documents like passports and ID cards are often stolen and misused in any fraudulent activity. There are even chances to track your bank account details and hack your account. So always make sure you protect your most valuable assets in a secure place.

Make your house burglar-proof with Locksmith Monkey:

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As a house owners being aware of the above mentioned potential spots that burglars always look at first will help you to take the necessary precautions to avoid unpredictable circumstances. If you are planning to make your house burglar-proof, Locksmith Monkey is here to help you! We as one of the best professional locksmiths in Portland offer the best possible security solutions. Our highly skilled and trained locksmiths can solve all your lock and key issue within minutes. Why make it easy for the burglars to break-in while we can help secure your house by making it burglar-proof. For more information, please contact Locksmith Monkey today!

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