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Summer is coming, get your bike keys made with Locksmith Monkey

Summer is coming, get your bike keys made with Locksmith Monkey

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Summer is coming, are you eager to hit the roads of Portland with your favorite bike but can’t find your bike keys? There are times that you get stuck in a situation in which you have forgotten or lost your motorcycle key. In such situations, the ideal solution is getting your bike keys made from a professional motorcycle locksmith. If you are looking for a bike key making expert in Portland, we can help you! At Locksmith Monkey in Portland, we are specialists in making bike keys for all brands. 

Our skilled motorcycle locksmiths can get you rolling:

It’s not easy to make a new key for your motorcycle without knowing the basic details. For older motorcycle models, getting the data is really hard. However, we as motorcycle locksmith experts have years of experience in making keys for different brands. As a first step, we look for a code in the motorcycle. We use the right tool and equipment to remove the lock from the motorcycle to find the code. Once we find the code, we will figure out what type of key has to be made for your motorcycle.  

All our motorcycle locksmiths are specially trained and are up to date with the latest technology and trends. They are exceptionally sophisticated lock readers who know to decode the code that is inside your motorcycle lock. They can get you rolling with a new key within minutes. 

We make your bike keys on site:

Whether your motorcycle keys have been damaged, stolen, or lost, we as motorcycle locksmith expert find a way to make you a brand-new key on site. Irrespective of your location, be it in the city, highway, or any remote area in PDX, we arrive at your location with our fully equipped mobile van. We make sure we carry everything we need to make a new key for your motorcycle. From tools, equipment, an assortment of key blanks, lock readers, to a key cutting machine we carry it all. Our highly skilled trained motorcycle experts make sure to produce a new key at your location without damaging your bike.

Our key making solutions for different motorcycle key types:

There are different ways to get a new key for your motorcycle other than getting it done by a professional locksmith. You can contact the dealership or the bike insurance company, but it will take a lot of time for you to get a new bike key. We as a professional motorcycle locksmith can make your key within minutes maintaining accuracy and the standards. Here are few key making solutions our motorcycle locksmith can provide depending on the type of key:

Traditional metal keys

If you have a motorcycle with a standard metal key, we can produce a new key. It would be easy if you have a backup key that can be copied to make a new one. In case you don’t have a spare key, you need not panic our locksmith experts can easily cut the ignition cylinder to get the code. We use a code generator, to figure out the type of key that needs to be made. 

Master key

Motorcycle brands are different and not all of them come with a master key. Only a few brands provide the master key for your bike such as Ducati, BMW. If you own any of the high-end motorcycle brands with a master key then, losing your bike key can cost you. In case you choose to get the master key from the dealership, it can be expensive while we can make the same key at the most affordable rates. 

Motorcycle fobs

Only a few motorcycle brands provide fobs to control your bike. Though the fob allows you to access your bike remotely you can’t start the bike if you have lost it. Because your motorcycle key is attached to the fob. We as locksmith expert understand keyfobs well and know how to reprogram a blank fob. Our experts can reprogram a new fob your bike within 20 to 30 minutes.

Locksmith Monkey: Your Bike Key Making Expert in Portland

Locksmith Monkey In Portland

When you own a motorcycle, you encounter various situations where you have to get a new key. If you are in an emergency be worry-free while we can come to your rescue. Our specialized motorcycle locksmith experts can come to your location and make a new key for your motorcycle on spot within minutes. We are experts in working on all makes and models of motorcycles.

Since we work on various makes and models here are our exclusive motorcycle locksmith services that we offer:

  • Motorcycle Key Replacement
  • Motorcycle Key Duplication
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Ignition repair
  • Gas cap lock and key
  • Motorcycle Seat Lock and Key and more

If you are looking for a motorcycle locksmith who is an expert in making key in PDX, get in touch with Locksmith Monkey. We make sure to produce a new key with 100% accuracy.

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