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How Locksmith Monkey helped me secure my new house: Customer Review

How Locksmith Monkey helped me secure my new house: Customer Review

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Hi, I am Chris, a resident of Portland. I recently availed residential locksmith services from Locksmith Monkey and as a customer, here is my honest review which I would like to share! I hope this review of mine will help a lot of other customers in Portland to choose the best Locksmith.

There’s nothing more exciting than purchasing a dream house and moving in. Well, I purchased a new house in outer SE in Feb 2021 and less than ten minutes after getting the keys from the realtor, there was a knock at the door. I was puzzled to find a stranger on my porch area. When I opened the door, I found a lady who introduced herself as my neighbour and she wanted to give me her spare keys to MY house! Well, I didn’t know that was coming anyhow I thanked her for handing over the spare keys. 

After an awkward conversation, she asked me to give her any mail that comes to the previous residents. I got totally baffled and started wondering “Who else in my neighborhood has got keys to my house?” As per my experience, most of the new house owners overlook changing locks in the excitement of moving in. And it is terrifying to think about your house keys floating around. So, if you have just moved into your new house and if you don’t consider changing your locks you are likely to be burgled with no doubt. 

How I found Locksmith Monkey to secure my new house? 

Amidst all the excitement and chaos, I quickly realised how important it is to secure my house so, I immediately decided to change the house locks. And that’s when I went on yelp to find a professional locksmith in my proximity to get the work done. I found Locksmith Monkey in the listing and they had very good reviews with high ratings. I read their customer reviews to know the quality of their service and I was pretty much convinced to hire them.  

Their Process:

Once I shortlisted Locksmith Monkey, I gave them a call and briefed them about the situation and requirements. They responded really well and gave their quotation. I found it affordable so, I decided to hire them. We immediately scheduled an appointment for the next day which was surprisingly fast!

So, before they arrive at your location, here’s a list of handy information you should provide them to help streamline their process:

1. Type of Lock you want: 

What type of lock and brand is currently installed? In case you want to go for a different brand or lock system, you can ask them for suggestions for the best suitable ones.

2. Total number of locks to change:

Count the number of doors you have, including the garage and backyard. And keep the numbers ready to give them the total count.

3. Your budget

When you ask them for the quotation, have your budget in mind and see if it’s affordable. If you feel that doesn’t fit under your budget you can ask them for other cheaper solution such as rekeying the same lock instead of changing the locks. 

4. Additional services if you want to upgrade the security:

If you feel that your existing house security isn’t sufficient you can ask them for recommendations to upgrade your house security.

Keeping the above information handy will help to speed up the process and can get your work done quickly. 

How Locksmith Monkey executed their work:

As per the schedule, the locksmith professionals Barak and Kevin (Father and Son duo) arrived at my location with a fully equipped van. They had all the necessary lock materials, tools and equipment to install. They worked efficiently and installed all the locks to the doors with 100% accuracy. It took them about 30-40 minutes to install! I’m happy and satisfied as they gave a brand-new look to my house. I must say they came to help me at the right time by providing their valuable service seamlessly. I’m so Thankful to Locksmith Monkey and the team to help me upgrade my house security by changing the locks. I will absolutely hire them again for any future needs. 

I highly recommend Locksmith Monkey for Securing New House

Locksmith services in Portland

My experience with Locksmith Monkey was really good. As a new house owner, I was really worried about my house security until I found Locksmith Monkey. They are highly skilled professionals and provide the best security solution for your new house. They are up-to-date with all the latest security trends and they provide the right information as per your requirements. 

If you are a new house owner and looking to upgrade your security at the most affordable rates, I highly recommend Locksmith Monkey. They can help alleviate your worries as they provide the best residential locksmith services to new homeowners in Portland. For more information and recommendations on changing out the locks on your house, please contact Locksmith Monkey today. I bet you will not regret hiring them.

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