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Keyless Lock for your home

Keyless Lock for your home

Keyless Door Lock for your home

When it comes to home security, every homeowner looks for the best of best security options. And it is important to have a secured lock and key system for your home. You can find different ways to secure your home apart from the traditional lock and key security system. With the advancement in technology, home automation has revolutionized to upgrade the security of home. Now you can say goodbye to your keys as there are different keyless entry options available to secure your home.  

Keyless lock also called smart lock are the best security solution for those who tend to lose or misplace keys very often. This usually happens while you are in a hurry, and you may not get the spare key to unlock the doors. Thus, Keyless locks are safer and time saver and much more convenient as compared to the standard keys. With keyless lock, you need not panic for not finding a spare key, as it works smartly on your fingertips with the help of a smart device. That ultimately helps in upgrading your home security thus preventing the burglars from break-ins. 

Benefits of using Keyless lock: 


Keyless entry is the easiest and convenient way to enter your home with a code. You don’t have to worry about searching your keys to open your door. The keyless lock system is connected to your smartphone and, gives you easy access to opening and closing of the doors with just a code.


Keyless door lock is undoubtedly useful as it helps to take your home security to the next level. This work with key codes and other touchless entry options such as voice recognition, face recognition and more. Having these features strengthens the security of your home and makes it burglar-proof. You will have the option to change your passwords as per your choice and convenience.  

Easy Monitoring: 

These smart locks are designed to help you keep a track of all the entries and exits of your home. Every time if someone enters your home, every input of passkeys is recorded, including the time. This advanced tracking and monitoring feature helps especially if you have children at home. You can monitor everything with your smartphone. 

Saves time and money: 

Keyless locks help to save a lot of money because if you lose your home keys, you need to hire a locksmith for the key replacement services, which will be an extra expense. These locks are worth to invest to upgrade your home security. Since these locks run on batteries, the only expense you will encounter is replacing the batteries when they run out of the charge. 

Different types of keyless lock:

Touchscreen Lock: 

Touchscreen lock simplifies your life especially if you are a busy parent with kids around. You can easily access your door with less hassle without having to worry about carrying your key all the time. One of the major plus points of this system is that only the authorized users will have the access to enter with a code. 

Digital Deadbolt Lock:

Digital deadbolt door lock is different from the touchscreen lock. They come with the basic smart features which are easily accessible on your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can lock and unlock the door with these locks as long as you have the Bluetooth range. It also helps to easily monitor and track the entry and exit. 

Smart code keypad deadbolt: 

Smart code keypad deadbolts are the electronic keypad device integrated with a deadbolt. They offer you the most convenient way to enter and exit your home with a back-lit keypad. 

Smart code keypad lock is easy to install and use. If you are looking to upgrade your home security with a keyless handle set with a deadbolt lock this is the best suitable option for you. 

Zwave deadbolt: 

With the Zwave deadbolt lock, you can be worry-free of your home security. They are connected to smart hubs, and you can remotely access it from any part of the world from your smartphone giving you the convenience to lock and unlock your door from anywhere. Along with these smart features it also gives you the option to get to know who is entering and exiting your home. This keyless lock is ideal for those who are looking for safer and smart security solutions. 

Flex lock & Auto lock: 

With Flex lock keyless lock, you can control your front door, back door and the garage entry door easily. You can set the time for the lock to automatically re-lock in case of inactivity. These are easy to install and use. All you need is an access code, which can be created and deleted as per your convenience. 

Bluetooth enabled deadbolt: 

These smart keyless lock work just by touching the exterior side of the deadbolt. All you need is a smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity to get this lock work. You can unlock the deadbolts by using your smartphone via Bluetooth. Having these locks installed on your door will definitely give you the keyless entry option. But, along with these smart features, you will still have the option to lock your door with a key from outside. 

Go keyless to upgrade your home security with Locksmith Monkey in Portland.

Locksmith Monkey in Portland

Keyless door lock is the best security solution to safeguard your home. If you are planning to upgrade your home security with keyless lock in PDX, look no further. Locksmith Monkey is here to help you. Contact us today to talk to our locksmith experts and schedule the installation.

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