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Home security tips for working from home

Home security tips for working from home

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The present pandemic situation has impacted every aspect of life in Portland and across the globe. Due to the lockdown, for millions of professionals, working from home has become the need of the hour. Though working from home gives you all the convenience but at the same time has its own set of security challenges. There are chances for you to become a victim of an unpredictable situation though you are at home. So, there is a demand for increased home security for people working from home. 

From securing your home doors and windows to your office devices, our locksmith experts share some important security tips that will offer solutions to secure your home and work devices from theft and vandalism. 

1. Create a secure home workspace: 

Find a calm and comfortable space to work. Preferably a private room is the best space that you would need to work from home. Ensure your room door has a solid lock to prevent intervention during meetings.

2. Check your home for security lapses and fix them:

It takes on an average four to five minutes to break-in to a home. 

Take some time to check your home security for any lapses and fix them so that you make it crime-resistant at your home entry points.

3. Secure your Doors:

Doors are the main entry points for burglars. So, securing your doors should be the top priority. Make sure all your doors are sturdy and equipped with the most efficient locks. And are out of reach for the burglars. 

4. Install home office locks:

When it comes to securing your home, the first thing you should consider is upgrading the locks. There are plenty of lock options available to choose from. The most common and the best ones are the deadbolt locks. Apart from that, you can consider upgrading to smart locks. A professional locksmith can help you with installing suitable locks for your home office. 

5. Secure your windows:

Windows are the second most targeted entry point for the burglars. Make sure all your window locks are working if not, get them replaced. To add extra security to your windows, you can install window glass break sensors and reinforce the glass with security film. 

6. Install a safe:

To upgrade your work from home security, installing a safe is the best option. Investing in a safe is never a bad idea as you can store and protect all your valuables such as your work-related documents, devices or keys. There are different options of safes available, consider installing the right and the suitable one.   

7. Install security devices: 

Installing high-security devices such as access control devices, security cameras, and burglar alarms help to increase security while you work from home. Make sure you have all these elements installed in place and are working properly. 

8. Secure your garage:

Garages are the most common entry point for a break-in. Lock the doors connecting to the garage. And secure your garage door with additional locks to make it impossible for the burglars to break the barrier and break inside the door to your home. 

9. Secure your office devices:

Once you finish your work for the day, make sure you lock all your work devices such as laptops, dongles, smart cards and more. Store all your office devices in a safe place to protect the sensitive data of your work from the uninvited visitors. 

10. Protect your accounts with strong, unique passwords:

It is crucial for you to protect your office devices with unique and strong passwords. So that your data doesn’t get compromised by the burglars. Create a strong set of passwords for each of your accounts. And use a password manager to keep a track of all your passwords on your fingertips. 

11. Change your home WiFi’s password:

You can’t work from home if you don’t have a strong internet connection. And now it’s very common that everybody has a Wi-Fi connection at home which makes it easy to work. Having a strong and secure password to your Wi-Fi connection will make it difficult to crack it.  

12. Be aware of COVID-themed spammers:

Most of the hackers are now taking advantage of the current COVID-19 situation by sending out COVID-19 themed emails to the targeted people. Do not click on the email links which you receive from an unauthorized ID’s. Taking one simple step can protect you from becoming a victim to these scams. 

Call Locksmith Monkey in PDX, to secure your home:

Working from home is the new normal in PDX, for most of the professionals. If you are planning to upgrade your security or face any lock and key problem while you work from home, Please, free to contact Locksmith Monkey. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured to offer 360-degree residential locksmith security solutions to safeguard you and your home from thefts. 

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